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Fragen und Antworten der einzelnen Schulen des Comeniusprojektes zu Schule früher



























What did they bring in their packed

 To Pestalozzi 4a

Boys and girls were separated during lessons.
But could they play with eachother on the breaks?

 To Villasequilla

They only had one
schoolbook. What did it contain?

To Tourcoing

How many days a week did the pupils go
to school?

 children had to go to school all day, they could either have lunch made by school or bring there own.

Yes boys and girls were separated all day! If it was
possible, male class
had a male teacher and female classe had a female

It contained all of the subjets
exactly maths,
spanish language,
geography, religion,science,...etc

 5 days





Villasequilla España


To Sweden
How many books had they got?




To Italy:
How many pupils were in each class?

To Christchurch
What kind of powder did you use to make the "ink"?

 To Pestalozzi 3b

Are you keep on using some of the material of the class that you used before?

One for reading and a writingbook they had to pay 25 oren for (2 and a halv cent).

 About 40!

 We are not sure what powder was used but research indicates that 3:1 ratio of tannic acid to iron sulfate produces the most stable inks

  We have some old material still at school, but we don´t use it normally. We´ve made a film of "school earlier" with the pupils using old materials. We will send it later as DVD.


Christchurch England

To Sweden

   Do  the children have to wear hats all day in school?

To Italy

Are the boys and girls separated all day or are they in mixed classes?

To France

Why on the photo are there guns on the wall and what was they used for?

 To Pestalozzi3b

Did you have anything else other than slate to write on?

No, they were not allowed to wear hats inside at anytime.

They were always separated in different classes.


The pupils were taught to hunt, because later they got soldiers. And at that time there were a lot of wars.




 The older pupils were allowed to write on paper with an inkpen.


3b Pesta Deutschland


To France:

Did you have another kind of writing earlier like the Germans?



To Christchurch

Do you still mix your ink ? Or would you be able to do it?

To Oldham


Why did this pupil in the center not wear shoes?

No we hadn´t.

 No we do not mix our own ink as children use biros or fountain pens that use a cartridge now and is not as messy.

 In those days not everyone could afford shoes.





To Pestalozzi 3b

What is a Donkey Hat?

To Pestalozzi 4ab

Why were boys and girls in separate classes?

To Sweden

      Did the old school have a playground?

 To Italy

What does the word capoclasse mean?

The donkey hat was for children who had been naughty, forgotten their homework too oft or had been extraordinary impolite.

 We think they avoided the contact between boys and girls, because parents should decide about friendship.

Parents decided whom they could marry later.

No, they had no builtup playground but they played with things like stones, pinecones and sticks.

 Capo means head and classe, of course,
means class. The capoclasse was a pupil very good at studing, very
serious, very responsible and so the teacher chose him to be helped.





To Pesta 3b

It mustn't be easy to stay sitting like that! Did the pupils had to stay in this position all the time even when they were writing?

To Spain:

Did the pupils keep their single book for a year or for all their time in elementary school?

To Spain:

Was Paco in the same school than his wife?

Yes, but it depended of how severe the teacher was. 

There were only three books for all the education system.

No, each one were in a different school. Paco was in Toledo and his wife was in Villasequilla.





To Christchurch

Who used to beat
children with a stick, teachers or headmasters?

To Villasequilla
Did children wear a uniform? You can
see a white smock in the photos: it was the same for boys and for

To Sweden

The old school seem very small: how
many children were there, how many classrooms were there?

Teacher gave the cane to children and the Head teacher gave the cane to the very naughty children 

No they didn't, because the picture was in white and black. Pout the 'smock' was pink for girls and blue for boys.

At the picture you can see a countryside schoolbuilding way up north in Lapland.
All different ages worked together in the same room with one teacher and the number of children
depended on how many that lived in the surroundings.