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Fragen und Antworten der einzelnen Schulen des Comeniusprojektes zu Schule früher























4b Pesta Deutschland


To Villasequilla Spain:

Why do you begin only at 9 a.m.? When does school end?



To Halil Turkkan School

Why do you have cloth on your tables?

To Hodgeclough


Why do pupils wear a uniform??

 To St.Augustine

Why do you take hearing tests??

The classes start at nine o'clock in the morning and finish at two o'clock in the afternoon. As you can see we have got lessons only in the morning.

We have cloths on desks, because it seems fancier and decorative.


One reason all the children wear uniform is so that if we go out on a school trip, we can be easily identified if someone gets lost.

Students who are evaluated for Speech & Language services take hearing tests to make sure that there are not any problems with their hearing.





To Scruffy from Cincinnati.
Why is he wearing a pink strap?


 To Leo from Italy.
*Why are the children wearing orange caps on their heads?

**What is mozzarella?

To Lea in Paul- schule Bottrop.
*What is St. Martin´s Lampions?
**What kind of vegetable is the white round thing on the left of Leo?


To Isidro in Spain.
Why do they have to wait outside the school in the morning?


The strap is actually a red ribbon the third graders put on me along with white and blue.  These are the patriotic colors of our country and they wanted me to show that I am a bear from the United States.

*In Italy you can't show faces of children on Internet and so the caps hide them.

**Mozzarella is a very good cheese, made with milk of buffalo.

*Lampions the children wear through the streets on St-Marin´s day (11. November)

* The friut is a pumpkin.

The pupils do lines outside the school for entering in order in the class.





Villasequilla España


To Christchurch
Have you got football competitions with other schools?




To Pesta 4b
Do you recycle newspapers?

To Cincinnati
Do you celebrate Christmas parties in your main hall?

 To Minervaskolan

Is your school so big as we can see in the picture?

The school tries to take part in as many football competitions as possible and hosts a big competition every year.

We collect used paper in a special container and we know how to produce our own paper.

The main hall or Activity Center is used for gym class, plays, all-school
presentations, Christmas music programs, and other school activities. The
hall can also be rented for party use by members of our Church community.

Yes, it is a big and nice old building.
  It was built more than 80 years ago.


Christchurch England

To Pesta 4b

How often do you write and print your own stories?

To Turkey

Does your school take part in a lot of dancing competitions?  

To Brasil

Does your school take part in the carnival?

We do it all the year through!

Yes, we do!

Yes, we are famous for it!





3b Pesta Deutschland


To Italy:

What game did you play on the 23rd of November?



To Brasil

How do you find your Pestalozzi-TShirt??

To Spain


Is it difficult for you to learn French?

 To Turkey

Are there younger pupils in your school?

(class 1-4?)

Many games: hide-and-seek, cards, Monopoly, board game, snakes andladders, pun, crossword, bingo....What a fun!


We think it´s great! We are proud of it!

Well, a little. Sometimes we have got problems with the vocabulary, because some of the french words we have learnt are similar in english and we make a lot of mistakes when we write the words.But this year we have a native speaker called Marina who help us to learn french.


Our students ages are between 6 and 14.




To Pestalozzi 4ab

Do all children play volleyball in German schools?

To Sweden

    How many children are there in the choir?

 To Italy

Do all Italian children like pizza?

 No but you can play volleyball if your school has the equipment and your teacher can teach you.

There are 80 children from 8 to 10 years old
   in choir lesson every week.

Yes, of course...and we think all children in the world like pizza!!!





To Sweden

Pourquoi faites-vous des fleurs en papier ?
Why did you fold a napkin into a flower ?

To Italy
Pourquoi faites-vous le plan de votre classe ?
Why did you plan a room ?

To Christchurch:

Pourquoi tous les après-midis vous faites des cartes et des dessins ?
Why do you realise maps every afternoon ?


We are praticing how to fold paper into different things.
One of the boys wanted to show us,
how make a napkin into flower.
The flower is nice to put on the table as a decoration.

Children planned a room to pass from real things to drawed things and then
to abstract things!

Maps are only done in Geography lessons.





To Christchurch
Why and when have you made your green flag?

To Villasequilla
Do the children read the books of the library only at school or can they
borrow and read them at home?

To Minervaskolan

In Music lesson do the children sing or also play some instruments?

To get a green flag you have to work very hard by making your school eco-friendly and a lot of recycling.

The children can read books in the library and even so they can pick up one to read at home during 15 - 20 days.


Yes, they sing a lot and sometimes they even play different instruments.
Twice every semester some of the children perform for each other to show their peers what they have learned during the semester.