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 Story-calendar*    storybook-cinema***  
 reading club****  

 children´s own books*****
 . . . and others motivate the children to write and read.

 "The Writing School"

( = a school with an emphasis on writing) is the oldest
and most varied "target" of the school programme of the Pestalozzischule.

Since 1988 teachers and parents' committee have been working on it. It is our aim to use in our school the varied and interesting findings and experiences which have been gained over the last 35 years in connection with the development of reading skills and writing skills. At the same time we would like to share our experience in this area with others and thus spread these ideas.

It is our priority to enable children to be motivated and self-sufficient readers. To prevent illiteracy it is important that children do read not only at school. Often they lose their skills soon after leaving school. The task of school is therefore together with the parents to help the children to read voluntarily.

This means that they get used to self-motivated and regular reading and that they use the public library and bookshops. The more varied and motivating the children´s reading experience the easier it is to reach this aim. In the course of time this has developed into a series of opportunities and arrangements regularly on offer.

I wrote a summary with examples at our school which was published by Kultusministerium North Rhine-Westphalia, Düsseldorf 1996.


 Definitions: (at the moment available only in German)

* story-calendar: Calendar with the children´s own stories

** reading-café: Annual event at the town-public-library where the children read their own stories for other pupils and parents

*** storybook-cinema: storybook on slides (in Germany available from FWU, München)

**** reading club: Permanent group of pupils who meet to experience books in a different way different way through arts, crafts, cookery etc.

*****children´s own books: children write own texts, free texts, poesie or invented after having read a book at school, the texts are printed, copied, illustrated and in the end each child gets a book of that often the first book in its life.

This page was translated in English and published in the Internet 25.1.99 in thankful cooperation with my colleagues, Eva and Richard. If there is something you want to say please tell us by sending an e-mail. The translation of the other pages "Writing School" will follow soon.


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