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Our school



The Pestalozzischule in Gladbeck has existed since 1923. It is situated in the
north of the city Gladbeck.

Our school is situated in a beautiful, populated area with old mining houses, gardens and much greenery. The school building was planned in era of the Kaiser and is architecturally rich and built in an interesting way : corridors lead everywhere to
several corners with fountains,
open halls and large, high classrooms.
In the western wing you find a gymnasium with a theatre stage, which was used in former times as professional theatre. Today the gymnasium is used for sports, theatre, assemblies, discussions and meetings.

The school has 230 pupils in 9 classes and at present 11 teachers,
a secretary , four people in our half day nursery and a half-caretaker.

There is a workshop-centre for teachers since 1988, a writing and printing workshop-room where even classes from other schools can print their books. After school care exists from 8-1 o'clock, parents act as helpers. There is a school garden, a schoolyard with 30 plane-trees, four trees one of them is always blooming, four ping-pong tables, a playground, playhill and a " castle " on it.



Country classroom


The school has established

"The Writing School"

+modern forms of reading

"The Environmentally Conscious School"

= promotion of environmental awareness

(Prime of the town of Gladbeck in 1999)

"To develop school childrenlike with the help of parents"

(Prime by Arbeitskreis Grundschule eV, Frankfurt in Nov. 99)


Additionally we organized one "art day" and a " celebration of the senses" together with children and parents, in order to promote the self-confidence of the children. In co-operation with a sport adviser and the youth welfare office we invested into the " moved break ". Some years ago we decided to work on the theme of " violence prevention " in a modern way and with the participation of pupils, parents and teachers. In addition we introduced behaviour rules, after discussion with parents, children and other people working at our school. We wrote up conditions and consequences and we had beneficial outcomes. This theme can only be seen in German. In the last few years we have intensified our endeavours by employing special police groups and the theatre group" That´s my body".

In more than ten years teachers, students and parents created a school life, variously structured, which can help to give education and instruction a rich area for development.

For some years now we have our own School Garden: with beds for vegetables, community field for potatoes, beans or corn, a hedge, nursery for shrubs, picture boards, rock-garden, bed for perennial herbs, compost heap and shrubs. Twice we were honoured for our succesful environmental work with our children. In 2005 we have "Year of the Schoolgarden" with cornfield and scarecrows.

Since 1990 we have gradually integrated computers into our lessons. And we have chosen Macintosh Computers. What a successful choice! Since 1997 we have used the Internet. Our homepage has first been edited in February/March 1997. Our pupils are used to creating pages since October that year! We have always pushed forward the use of computers in a Primary School. We have 3 -4 imacs in each classroom. We are sure that this is the best system for Primary School children. Although Primary Schools were excluded from having computers in their classes until 1999 (we find that incredible!!!).We participated in Netdays and Netdays Europe competitions from 1998 on. Our international projects -especially writing projects- gave our students the feeling of worldwide range. For our continuation story "The Treasure Map"in 1998 we got a prize, handed over by chancellor Clement from Northrhein-Westphalia. In 2000 we were chosen by Apple Computers to be

Apple Distinguished School ,

one of five schools in Germany and of 13 in Europe.

Television, newspaper and radio stations are astonished to see experienced young pupils, working self confidently on the computers and even giving workshops for adults at an education fair (February 2002 in Cologne)



  Giant Bronto (7 m long!) in the entrance hall

planned and built during a dinosaur project

  1999 -during a project with the author KNISTER we changed it into a huge dragon


If you like to contact, please send your email to headmaster

Hans-Juergen Fuhrmann


We can be reached by snail mail :

Pestalozzischule, Community Primary School

Brahmsstr. 22, 45966 Gladbeck

Tel.: 02043/51166 (if possible Mo, Wed, Fr. 8.00 - 12h, secretary time!) In Germany the headteacher is mostly teaching!!

Fax: 00492043/59491


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